Culture & Traditions
Upnayan Samskar

Yes, this is true that wearing an Upnayan (Janeue) is spiritual Samskar. It gives a new life to human. This Samskar is his new birth.

The Janeue symbolises vaidik living. The Janeue have nine strings, each string has its specific value.

First string has “Om Kar”, Second has “AGNI” The Fire, Third has “ NAG” The Snake, Fourth has “SOM” The Moon, Fifth has “PIRTA” The Fore Fathers, Sixth has “PRAJAPATI”, Seventh has “VAYU” The Air, Eighth has “YAM” The God of Death, and Ninth has “VISVA DEVTA” The Lords of the world.

In Janeue these nine strings are the combination of three sets which have three strings each. Each strings set represent the three Vedas Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and string are tighten by a knot which represents ? Atharv veda”. The knot is called “Brahm Ganth”

We should use this mantra to accept Janeue.

shloka   With courtesy from Sarv Gujarati Shikhar