Franchisee Program of Shadilagn Web Services
The entrepreneurs dream…. “To be his/her own boss, set his/her own hours to work”, for many this has remained just that, A dream. The financial risks involved in starting their own business have prevented many people from attaining this ultimate goal.

An important part of business success involves good marketing and advertising efforts. If you are interested in marketing and are considering business ownership, there are endless options in business-to-client services for you to explore. One such option is the Shadilagn.com
Matrimonial Services has very bright future in India and abroad as per social and religious values. In Indian subcontinent marriages are not only binding of two people but are considered tobind the two different families. All the leading News Papers have their Matrimonial Classifieds section. Most of Samaj organise ‘Parichay Sammelans’ at their level. But both have some limitations.

Shdilagn Web Services is the fastest growing matrimonial services based on Internet & Print Media. The Shadilagn Web Services has completed its 3rd successful year in the industry. We are living in age of Information Technology so Shadilagn Web Services used the  Power, Speed, Performance  of IT and develop the matrimonial web sites and now are entering the field of print media with Shadilagnnews paper.
Shadilagn: Web Services is group of www.Shadilagn.com and its supporting matrimonial web sites www.Kashurlagn.com, www.Brahminlagn.com, www.Jainlagn.com, www.Kayasthlagn.com, www.Kshatriyalagn.com www.Punjabilagn.com www.Sindhilagn.com www.Vaishlagn.com etc. Shadilagn Web Services is becoming strong brand name in India, Australia, UK, Europe & USA.

Shadilagn Web Services work style is different from other Indian marriage bureaus / Matrimonial Services. We have keep the SEARCH Facility Totally FREE, so we do not hide any contact information of Profile. With this feature profile of the user is available to more and more people world-wide . Shadilagn Web Services charge a nominal fee for publication of Bio-data & photo. We have local as well as International approach. Shadilagn Web Servicesís team is highly educated and professional. Our Indian & Europe team have well international exposure.

Thanking You,
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Devesh Bajpai
CEO Shadilagn Web Services
Who can be a Franchisee of Shadilagn Web Services ?
Any Company, Individual, employment exchange, recruitment services, an existing Internet Website Catering for Indian communities. An individual who is a Franchisee of other Internet related activity where he or she may be in contact with prospective brides and grooms or has an existing Browsing Center or an Internet Cafe or a Marriage Broker who may have Database of Candidates for whom he is looking for partners.

What resources does Shadilagn Web Services Franchisees require? An individual who is determined to make good money with honest efforts then he or she just requires one computer along with Internet connection. You basically need small place may be in your house or small place in your existing business. You should be able to communicate well and you will be an associate who will develop business on behalf of Shadilagn Web Services and will be responsible for relation building. Members with office facilities, computer, Internet dialup connection, web camera, scanner, printer will be preferred.

How much is the Publication Fee for Shadilagn Web Services?

Publication Fees is Rs. 601/- in India, €20 for Europe Union, £ 15 United Kingdom and UD$20 for U.S. and other country for one year. Premium listing in features profile and name listing is also available.

What Shadilagn Web Services Franchisees has to do?

Basically you have to use our brand image and database so you can find suitable match for your clients and collect matrimonial advertisements. You will ask client to fill the registration form and pay registration fee along with required documents. Then send the Profile form and other documents to us. Our staff will upload the given information and activate the Profile for Search option.

What is Shadilagn Web Services Franchisee fee structure?

There are 3 types of Franchisee options available for Shadilagn Web Services. You can choose them as per you convenience  

1. Elementary Franchisee

No Franchisee / security amount required. Just you have to buy 10 profiles in advance. The Franchisee will get commission/royalty on posting of profile in Shadilagn Web Services by himself only.

2. Standard Franchisee

The Franchisee will get commission/royalty on posting of profile in Shadilagn Web Services himself only.

3. Exclusive Franchisee

Franchisee have to deposit Franchisee amount as per client base. The Franchisee will get commission/royalty on posting of profile in Shadilagn Web Services in his territory only.

What about the advertisement plan /support ?

Shadilagn Web Services have a regular advertisement campaign in all the major newspapers / magazines in India. We have paid directory membership in all major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN and many India based directory services. We will provide you advertisement support in your local and national newspaper. Franchisee can also spend more money in his own advertisement as Shadilagn Web Services. We will promote all our Franchisee through our Internet based service Shadilagn.com and its alliances have huge hits rate that give you an opportunity to get more business in your local area. More you advertisement about the services more you earn in this business. We will provide you all the necessary training , registration forms along with other printed materials.

Shadilagn Web Services Franchisee Commission?

1. Elementary Franchisee

Franchisee will get 20% of initial Publication fees depends on package selected by clients. Franchisee can also get an extra 10% (Packs of 2.5% x 4 each) on performance of Franchisee.

2.Standard Franchisee

Franchisee will get 25% of initial Publication fees depends on package selected by clients. Franchisee will also get an extra 10% (Packs of 5% each) on performance of Franchisee. .

3. Exclusive Franchisee

Franchisee will get 35% of initial Publication fees depends on package selected by clients. Franchisee will also get an extra 15% (Packs of 5% each) on performance of Franchisee. .

If user put his/her profile directly in Shadilagn Web Services ? 

The Shadilagn Web Services Exclusive Franchisee is benefited by many ways. The Franchiseee will get the commission of the Publication Fee from his/her geographical area. Whether the profile comes directly or indirectly in Shadilagn Web Services. This feature is not available for Elementary Franchisee.

 What about the Income, Service Tax ?

The Shadilagn Web Services is registered for service tax at Central Excise office. Service Tax is paid by the Shadilagn Web Services, Indore.  

TDS (Tax Deducted at Source)

All Commission on fee payments by the Shadilagn Web Services fall under TDS Section 194 C of Indian Tax System. A TDS rate of 1.05% will be applicable on the income of the affiliate if the amount exceeds Rs.20,000 per annum.

PAN (Permanent Account Number)

Kindly provide us with your Permanent Account Number (PAN) and if you don't have one, then please apply for the same. The PAN will be mentioned in your TDS Certificate (Form 16) that we will issue to you at the end of the financial year. The referral fee will be credited to you after we deduct TDS from it.

Service Tax Number
            If you have obtained a service tax number, please mention the same in your invoice.

 Some important things. 

  • Before accepting and sending the Profile form please check that it is completely and cleanly filled.
  • If you have internet facility, you can post the bio-data & photo online and e-mail the information  about posted profile. So we can enable the profile for search option. 
  • Please mention the candidate’s name and his id in e-mail or use SMS facility. 
  • Otherwise send the filled form by post/courier to our Indore office. 
  • The report should  reach Indore office till 10th of next month. 
  • You can also use e-mail to send monthly report. 
  • The ACKNOWLEDGMENT slip is present with every form. 
  • The signed and duly filled Acknowledgment slip should be given to candidate or party. 
  • The (Amount = Collected Amount – share of  Franchiseee) should be sent by DD or Pay Order or Online fund Transfer through (ICICI bank or Bank of India) in favor of Shadilagn Web Services payable Indore along with monthly report.  
  • Please feel free to share your views and ideas to make the website  more effective and impressive.